The Trompe

With zero moving parts, a trompe needs only water and gravity to capture clean, cool, compressed air. The trompe served mankind for centuries. Unfortunately, its simple design has been all but forgotten in recent years.

Historically, miners created large-scale trompes to power their mining equipment and provided ventilation. A 350-feet-deep trompe in Michigan was recorded to produce 5,000 horsepower. Small-scale trompes could prove just as useful.

Suction created at the trompe’s intake drags air bubbles down with falling water. The bubbles then escape into a holding chamber as cool, dehumidified, pressurized air. Trompes can run large machinery, refrigerate, oxygenate water, and much more.

Articles about Trompes

Trompes are our current research project at Lost Technology. If you have any questions or information about trompes and their application, feel free to contact us.

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Trompe Researchers & Proponents

Geoff Lawton, Director of The Permaculture Research Institute (Australia & USA)
Bruce Leavitt (1950-2013), mining hydrogeologist
Bill Mollison (1928-2016), Founder of The Permaculture Institute
Warren Rice (1925-2009), professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Arizona State University
Charles Taylor (1859-1953), Canadian trompe engineer
Mr. Teslonian, engineer and youtuber, designed the trompe hammer
Brian White, stonemason, designed the pulser pipe
Esther Davis, head of, mechanical engineering student

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Other Books

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External Links

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