“A Treatise on Hydraulics for the use of Engineers”

This book references trompes–which it sometimes call a “pyramidal trough” or “conical trough”) and their history in the mountain regions such as the Alps. It also has some data and numbers that you might find useful.

  • pg. 60 – Pyramidal Troughs (a type of trompe) and experiments conducted by Lespinasse
  • pg. 407 – “Trompe” and “Canelle” used in the Alps

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A Treatise on Hydraulics for the use of Engineers. Translated from the French, and adapted to the English units of measure, by Joseph Bennett
Jean Fran├žois d’. AUBUISSON DE VOISINS, Joseph BENNETT (Civil Engineer.)
Boston, 1852 (copyright expired); 532 pages

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