“The Useful Metals and Their Alloys” by John Scoffern

The Useful Metals and Their Alloys gives some brief descriptions of trompes, including their use in ventilating mines and for Catalan forges.

  • pg. 38 – Basic Trompe Description
  • pg. 138 – Water Ventilation (how the trompe was used in mines)
  • pg. 180 – The Catalan Forge

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The Useful Metals and Their Alloys, Including Mining Ventilation, Mining Jurisprudence, and Metallurgic Chemistry Employed in the Conversion of Iron, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Antimony and Lead Ores; with Their Applications to the Industrial Arts
by John Scoffern
Houlston and Wright, 1861 (copyright expired); 654 pages

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