What will technology jobs look after 5 years?

What will technology jobs look after 5 years?

Aug, 2 2023

Written by : Alden Carrington

The Winds of Change in Tech

Picture this: I’m sitting with my bearded dragon, Nimbus, in my lap, eyes glued to my laptop screen. He’s gently bobbing his head as if attempting to understand the data on the screen. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did, the smart little guy! Over the past few years, the technology industry has been akin to a speeding train, and I thought - what will the tech landscape look like 5 years from now? How will the current advancements shape the tech jobs of the future?

If I told my younger self that in 2023, we'd be replicating human behavior with machines, my past self would presume I've watched too much “Back to the Future”. Ridiculous as it seems, this is the world we live in now, and it's changing faster than my bearded dragon shedding his skin. So future-seers and geeks, let’s embark on this mind-bending journey to discover where tech employment might be heading. Unfortunately, I left my crystal ball at the cleaners, but based on current trends, I can make an educated guess.

Programming - The Star Changing its Course

Programming, a once sought-after skill may not hold the same charm in the near future. Yes, I hear you gasping in disbelief, but allow me to justify this claim. No, it isn't due to some sort of sci-fi apocalypse. Rather, the evolution of technology itself. Just like 'copy and paste' became a lifesaver for many, automating basic coding tasks is slowly but surely eliminating the need for low-level developers.

Even as I write this, tools and platforms like GitHub copilot, a sophisticated AI pair programmer, exist. It won’t be too long before we have AI that can self-learn any coding language, debug in real-time, and provide solutions faster than a human. While this may sound unnerving, it's also freeing up the human mind for more complex problem-solving. In fact, this only suggests that the roles of programmers are shifting, not disappearing completely. In the not-so-distant future, job seekers might want to refine their skills towards managing and guiding these AI-powered bots.

Data Science – The Unlikely Superhero

Whenever I clean Nimbus’ terrarium, he finds a way to make a mess within a few hours, inevitably leaving me with the task of going on a dirt hunt. Similarly, in the tech world, we are constantly generating data, leading to a never-ending hunt for data patterns, anomalies, and security breaches. This is where data science comes to the rescue, like an unexpected superhero.

Industries from healthcare to marketing have recognized the value of data, and this demand is only going to increase. After all, data is the new oil. To leverage this 'oil', data scientists are required to apply their mathematical and analytical prowess in ways that deliver business value. In the future, any tech job would potentially require a basic understanding of data manipulation and interpretation.

Cybersecurity – The Future’s Watchful Protector

In a world where everything worth knowing is on the internet, and every other device is smart (including my refrigerator, can you believe it?), data breaches can pose serious threats. As we continue to digitize, cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought. From governments to small businesses, everyone is relying on cybersecurity professionals to keep their sensitive data safe. Cybersecurity is set to become an integral part of tech jobs in the future.

Last year, my email account was hacked, to my horror. The experience gave me a firsthand understanding of just how catastrophic data breaches can be. In our digital age, hackers aren't masked robbers anymore; they're just individuals armed with a computer and a malicious intent. Hence, cybersecurity skills are set to become a necessity for tech professionals, whether you're a network engineer or a coder.

The Rise of Remote Work – The Freewheeling Future

I must confess, I truly appreciate being able to work from home, with Nimbus dutifully by my side. Prior to the pandemic, I never realized how much I’d enjoy avoiding traffic and the occasional office politics. As we slowly inch toward a post-pandemic world, the question is whether remote work, the so-called 'new norm’, is here to stay for tech professionals.

Given the flexibility and cost-effectiveness provided by remote work, companies all over the world are rethinking their working models. Tech companies, in particular, are well-positioned to adapt to this change, considering their work doesn’t require a physical presence. Therefore, it's safe to say remote work isn’t going away anytime soon, making adaptability a key skill for future tech professionals.

The bottom line is, technology is remodeling the industry at a brisk pace and tech professionals need to constantly upskill to keep up with the shifts. As with any change, there are challenges, but also opportunities. The key is to anticipate these shifts and adapt our skill sets to them. After all, change is the only constant in life, right? Nimbus seems to understand this well but, again, he's a bearded dragon; shedding skin and all is part of his daily life.

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